MCT Oil 500ml 100% Pure Fatty Acids - Weight Loss - Energy - Keto Zero Palm Oil

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MCT Oil is a complex of medium-chain triglycerides of organic plant origin. They are found in a natural form in a very limited amount, and in food their main source is cocoa oil. MCT fats are fully metabolised by the liver with energy release. Our MCT oil contains Zero Palm oil or Carbs.

The dietary properties of MCT fatty acids come from the fact that they are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract directly into the portal vein, and in contrast to other fatty acids lipase or bile is not necessary for their digestion.

  • 100% complex of medium-chain fatty acids, Vegetarian Vegan, Perfect for Keto diet.
  • Enhances anabolic metabolism and supports the reduction of adipose tissues.
  • The type of fat that is very quickly absorbed and effectively burned by the body is MCT Oil.
  • No Flavour and odourless, ideal for use in coffee, shakes, dressings and smoothies.
  • Consists of C-8 caprylic acids (65%) & C-10 capric acids (35%) that benefit your digestive system with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

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