Mind and Mood

There are many beneficial vitamin and mineral memory supplements on the market today, some even referred to as brain supplements or brain vitamins. The question is if do they work and how do they work? The answer is yes if you do not expect miracles. They won’t raise the IQ or bring back childhood memories long lost. What they do is sharpen the brains ability to think and recall by assisting in blood flow to the brain and by protecting the neurons in the brain.

Also everyone has an occasional “down” day, one in which we feel sad or we tend to dwell on sad memories. Emotions can be similar to a roller coaster occasionally, lifting our spirits or making us depressed. These can be normal signs of a busy life or they can be warning signals of an illness that needs further attention.  Mood supplements can help when those dark days are bothersome, insuring us of a brighter day soon and the best part is they are each considered naturally occurring remedies.