Hair and Nails

Our skin, hair, toe nails, and finger nails are all made up of cells and these cells reproduce themselves constantly.  That is what makes our hair grow and why we must trim our finger nails and toe nails fairly often. Skin covers us and is the largest organ of the human body. It replaces itself constantly with new growth as the old skin is shed.

This basic process is continuous throughout our life and we don’t even realize it until we must trim nails or get hair cuts occasionally. But there is a lot that goes on beneath the skin to keep healthy cells constantly replenished. Adding daily hair vitamins will prove beneficial to promote growth as well as shiny hair that does not break easily as brittle hair would.

Our hair, skin, and nails can be considered indicators of our body’s health and condition for problems will show up in them. Dull hair with split ends, broken thin finger nails, and pale puffy facial skin are red flag warnings that something is not right inside somewhere. Be careful not to damage hair and nails with chemicals and high heat.